Richard, 2017

Fashion Styling

In regards to the potentials of fashion and style: particularly compelling are the juxtapositions of high and low, the rebellions against overly saccharine glamour, violent visual confrontations between the highbrow and ‘trash.’ Intricately layered pieces of realness and pure, aspirational representation that form a visual, physical, and social interface between one’s self and their surroundings—the end product being an intensely personal ‘fabric’-ated agglomeration illustrating how one distributes their effort and earnings and where one would place their identities and allegiances.

How do people try and accrue social value for themselves through their clothing? Will you become a martyr for your dress? How does image factor into the creation of meaning for oneself? Fashion’s potential lies in its ability to be telling, honest, aspirational, relatable, and empowering on both an anthropological and personal scale.